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3 Airport Extreme tricks to speed up the Wi-fi


Slow Wi-Fi is a catastrophe. Your email won’t fetch new emails and movie stuck in middle. You will find a message on screen or browser, ‘Timed out’ and ‘Try again later’. There are few tweaks which you can try on your Airport Extreme router to speed up the Wi-Fi speed.

To begin with, go to the router’s ‘Admin’ console.  It may sound bizarre but console is nothing but router setup page. You can open this console using tablet or computer.

Open the web browser of your computer which is connected wirelessly or wired to the router. Type router’s IP address i: e, in the web address space. Go to ‘Wireless settings’ or ‘Advanced wireless settings’.

  1. Check the bands: All new routers support 802.11n standard which is also called ‘N’ routers. These routers can transfer the data up to speed of 600 Mbps which is much quicker than 802.11g models. It will meet your requirement in the future as well.

From last few years, 802.11ac protocol has also become standard which can deliver up to 4.5 Gbps with new technologies like beamforming and eight streams.

It is always recommended to use G, N and AC gadgets separately as the mixed-mode routers work slower than 2.4 GHz band and band G is slow and congested. Some routers like AirPort Extreme Setup support G, C, and N separately on the network.

  1. Select a new channel from AirPort extreme: Select new channel from 2.4 GHz frequency which is standard frequency for G gadgets.

The 2.4 GHz band is most congested one because all the other household devices like cordless phones, speakers, baby monitors, and microwave ovens occupy the same 2.4 GHz band which causes interference, unpredictable connectivity problem, and a slowdown of speed. The best way to get rid of this problem is to change the channel to less crowded one which will definitely speed up the things and provide better connections. In MacBook, you will find a ‘Wireless diagnostic’ tool which can be opened by clicking the ‘Option key’ from the Wi-Fi icon of menu bar. Go to window tab from the top left and select ‘Scan’. You will find a list of wireless signals in your area and the channel numbers they use.

  1. Secure Airport extreme router: Security is an important concern especially for AirPort extreme router. Selecting the right security also affects the speed of connection. If you have open network with no security or WEP method used, then change the settings immediately otherwise, the network will remain exposed to the hackers. You can select WPA or WPA2 from the security options you see in the settings.

AES is instead a newer and more secure protocol available on the latest routers. You can use this to get maximum network speeds.

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