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4 Different Ways To Get Most Out Of Airport Extreme

To use the Airport Extreme to its full potential, you must know the ways and tricks in which you can use it. If you are unaware of the ways, then you can read the same from the page.

Apple’s Airport Extreme is known for its reliability and ruggedness. You can use this router for sharing internet connection with more than one computer at a time.

Here are 4 different ways you can get most out of existing Apple Airport Extreme.

  1. Share a USB printer with household: There is no need to buy a number of inkjet printers for usage at home. You can save the ink being wasted in it and botheration of cleaning the cartridge. Thankfully to Apple, who has developed Apple Airport extreme for this purpose. You can connect the printer to the Airport extreme setup via USB port given at the back of it. All the members at home can access the same printer.

If you want to connect wirelessly, then plug the printer to the USB port of Airport device and install the printer drivers in the computer. Go to ‘System’ preferences and click on ‘Print and fax’. Click the ‘+’ icon to keep on adding the devices to the printer. You need to add the printer first, then select the devices from the list. The Mac computer connected to the printer will automatically configure the printer settings. Your device will now have wireless access to the printer.

  1. Connect the Network printer with the iOS Air print: Once you have connected the printer wirelessly, you can now experience the same from the iOS device as well. Apple has AirPrint functionality which is compatible with all the new printers available in the market. You can connect the wireless printer easily to the iOS AirPrint.
  2. Network storage for the family: As we have discussed earlier that you can also connect the hard drives to the Setup AirPort Extreme through USB port given at the back of the device. Now, you must be thinking about how we can connect 2 devices to the single USB port. Well, the answer to this is the use of a multi-port You can connect even 4 devices at a time with the help of Multi-port hub. There is no need to provide a power supply to the hub. It will draw the required power from the USB port itself.
  3. Use of AirDisk for Time machine backup: Even after connecting hard drives and printer to the Extreme, the possibilities are still open. It includes using AirDisk as a time machine backup drive for all the PCs. When the AirDisk is placed and available on computer, then go to ‘Preferences’ over to ‘Time machine settings’. Click on ‘Select disk’. Your Disk will now show up on the screen with the list of available hard drives which are currently connected to the AirPort network. Select the backup drive of your choice and it is all set to go.

If the quantity of data is in MB’s then you have to use the 802.11n network as a minimum requirement for time machine use.

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