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Airport Extreme: Standard Steps To Use It In Client Mode

Some electronic gadgets like gaming consoles, printers, and Ethernet-enabled devices doesn’t support Wi-Fi directly but with the help of AirPort Extreme Setup, you can make these devices cable-free.

You can use your Airport extreme in a client mode and enable Airplay music streaming from iTunes or computer.

  • Connect the Airport extreme to the Ethernet-enabled device. If you are going to configure it for the audio streaming, then it is recommended to use in the client mode.
  • Connecting the airport extreme to the streaming player will make it use as a client for the latter. Here, it will not act as a range extender for the network.
  • When you connect the device to the Airport extreme, all the web traffic routed to wireless medium will start passing to the ports. If you are using an Airport extreme model that doesn’t support client mode, it will auto-disable Ethernet ports.
  • All these features require Ethernet, audio and USB cable.

Before starting with the further process, check the software version installed in the AirPort Extreme.

Using AirPort Utility 6

  • Connect the cable to the device and to the AirPort Extreme.
  • Turn on the router by connecting it to the power supply.
  • Open Utility screen after the AirPort extreme gets on.
  • To re-use the same Airport extreme router, you must restore to factory settings.
  • After restoration gets over, select the wireless menu from the upper left corner.
  • Click ‘Other’ options.
  • Click to add the existing network.
  • Select the SSID for your wireless network and ‘Next’ to join.
  • Enter a password in the next box.

Using Airport Utility 5

  • The very first step is to connect the devices together using Ethernet cable.
  • Plug the Extreme to the cable socket with the help of a power adapter.
  • Go to ‘Wireless menu’ once the router gets booted. Click on ‘Setup assistant’ to get on-screen instructions for setup.
  • To reset the AirPort extreme to the previous settings, tap ‘Reset to factory default’ option.
  • Open utility window followed by ‘Airport extreme’.
  • Enter the username and password of your Extreme followed by ‘Continue’.
  • Tap ‘I want to join the current network’.
  • After entering the details, click ‘Continue’.
  • Select the network name from the given list of networks and open drop-down menu.
  • After completing the steps, you are now required to perform an update for AirPort extreme. To start the update process, follow the instructions given on the router link. Once the update gets completed, restart your AirPort Express. The lights will auto turn on after some seconds. Once the lights turn solid green, you can connect the devices to it.

Reset AirPort Extreme | Setup AirPort Extreme

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