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Apple Airport Extreme: What It Offers And Is It Worth Buying?

AirPort Extreme is one of the most popular networking devices that has the ability to work like a router, wireless access point, network switch and NAS. AirPort Extreme has been sold in large numbers when Apple was manufacturing and marketing it, but last year, Apple decided to cease the manufacturing of all its routing devices. Yet, there are still a large number of users who are using AirPort Extreme and thousands of units are also available on the market.

Setup AirPort Extreme can be called the big brother of the AirPort Express, as it is slightly larger in appearance and much more extensive on the inside. The Extreme also has one USB port, but in this case, it is a USB 2 port, where you can connect not only printers but also external hard disks. These hard disks can be used as a backup or to share files with each other. Anyone who is logged on to the Wi-Fi network can access the files stored on the hard disk.

However, the AirPort Extreme does not support AirPlay. Therefore, you cannot play music through this router. If you still want to be able to play music via AirPlay, you will have to purchase the AirPort Express. It is possible to have these two work together so you can still use AirPlay.

Apple recommends using the AirPort Extreme if you want to set up a large-scale network. The Extreme ensures that you can achieve data speeds of up to 1.3 Gbps. This ensures that you have superfast internet. Even if you want to use a shared external hard drive or printer, the AirPort Extreme is recommended.

Buy AirPort Extreme or not?

For the AirPort Extreme, you pay € 219.00 at Apple. This model received a completely new design in June 2013 in the form of a high turret. The Extreme works with 802.11ac. If you want higher data rates than 1.3 Gbps, you will have to find a newer product from a different brand. To increase your Wi-Fi range, three antennas provide 2.4 GHz and three antennas for 5 GHz.

Which AirPort suits you?

Each AirPort has its own features and also its own price. It depends on your own situation and the purpose for which you want to use it, which AirPort suits you best. We have therefore explained with each model what the strengths are and what you can expect from them.

AirPort Utility app

To operate all AirPort functions, use AirPort Utility for iOS and Mac. You will receive a graphic overview of your network and the connected devices. In the app, you can easily change the settings of your base station and the network. You can also set up a guest network from the app, as we mentioned above. This makes it possible to create a separate Wi-Fi network for guests so that you do not have to give your Wi-Fi password to visitors. The latter is actually no longer necessary, because since iOS 11 guests can access your Wi-Fi network at the touch of a button, without having to know your password.

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