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Extend The Existing Wireless Network By Adding Airport Express To An Airport Extreme.

A single wireless extender is not enough to cover all the floor space hence a SOHO is required. Here’s how you can extend the range of network by adding Airport Express to the AirPort Extreme-anchored wireless network.

A single AirPort Extreme can serve small office but don’t SOHO entire environment. Luckily, Apple has made this possible by bringing Single Airport Extreme wireless network using one or more Airport Express WAPs.

The AirPort Extreme has dual band 802.11 Wi-Fi performance, which can transmit 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies at the same time. The 2.4 GHz frequency is used to boost the signal strength whereas if you want to increase the throughput for a shorter distance, then you can use 5 GHz band. The frequency band usage depends on the location and the network from where you are using. If you are far away from WAP, then you can use 2.4 GHz technology that is much faster than ISP internet speed. If you are near to WAP, then you can use the cloud and accelerate the network with the N network.

Now, the different ways to extend the existing AirPort Extreme-powered using Airport Express are:

  1. Connect the AirPort Express to the existing network through Ethernet cable. The AirPort Express has Ethernet and wireless port that can be used for this purpose. You can use this device in Bridge mode using Airport Utility’s Network tab. If you want to use your device as a switch, then you can use an Ethernet LAN port to connect the device to another device. For best results, you can connect the power adapter to the Ethernet adapters to connect the AirPort Express to the AirPort Extreme. With the network switch, you can connect Apple TV, Security system and other devices.
  2. You can connect the Airport Express to the AirPort Extreme Wirelessly as well. To do this, you need to place the AirPort Express within the range of AirPort Extreme or even Time Capsule. By making use of Airport Utility, configure the AirPort Extreme to connect to the existing network and extend the wireless network reach by powering on the Airport Express. Go to other Wi-Fi devices and highlight the New Airport Express followed by ‘On-screen’ instructions. Accept all the default configurations. The AirPort Express once connected can be permanently moved to next location within the SOHO environment. If you are using the NetSpot on Mac’s network, then you may find a problem in generating the strong network that’s why it is recommended to use the SOHO environment for setting up different wireless names with different WAP locations. This is one of the best network connection that can be arranged easily without firing up the existing network analyzer.

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