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Facing the Problem With Apple AirPort? Could Be Due To Hardware Problem in AirPort Extreme.

A hardware of an electronic system could breakdown due to several reasons. Sometimes, the problem will be subtle and won’t make a noise and at other times, you will hear horrible sounds coming from hardware. The same can be said for AirPort Extreme. Other times, the failing component of this hardware may cause limp along. You can sideline these errors until you troubleshoot them.

However, it has been found out that the issues mainly persist at Time Capsule base stations. Though no statement by Apple is given in this regard that whether the products are being updated or there is some problem with the hardware. It’s been a year since the hardware update noticed.

Apple’s base stations have a long history of not connecting to routing devices despite having high-cost hardware and highly efficient systems. Apple Extreme router is used because of integration and support with better configuration tool- AirPort Utility.

Apple’s Wi-Fi hardware has a long-term reputation for not having power supply problem as most other brands have. This sometimes aggravates as there are no moving parts except hard drives in Time capsule models. People on the discussion forum reported that they have tried other devices as well in the last 18 years but don’t find any other device better than Apple base station.

However, some are upset with the Apple routers like Airport Extreme, as they could not connect to the Wi-Fi network all the times. People have started purchasing routers from other companies and getting fewer queries with Apple Access points. According to one of the Mac User who has AirPort Extreme on his network. Apple AirPort utility shows all the apple base stations by changing some of the Setup AirPort Extreme configurations from ‘Airport Utility’.

Another user reported the same problem with the hardware. He said he had purchased Latest generation AirPort Extreme, a year ago. It locked up with weird circumstances. Sometimes, he had tried to use the printer with the same Wi-Fi but got the problem in printing as well. Now, he has switched to TP-Link and getting no problem.

We want to bring to your knowledge that if you are using Apple AirPort Extreme and getting the problem with it, then your product is definitely under warranty because Apple is offering an extended warranty on all products. If you have taken Apple care warranty for Mac, then it will not only cover Mac for three years but AirPort Base station as well for the period of three years. With an extended warranty, the user can get a total of five years of warranty coverage from the initial date of purchase.

So, if you are getting the problem with the Wireless network due to the problem in the hardware, then no need to worry, just check the date of purchase and check if you have opted for an extended warranty or not. If yes, then you are eligible for replacement. You can replace it with no charge. The new AirPort Extreme is not showing any problem as the old one did.

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