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How To Connect Airport Express To An Airport Extreme To Boost Wireless Networks?

A single wireless device is generally not enough to cover all floor space as a device requires. Here’s, how you can connect Airport Express to an Apple Airport Extreme Setup to boost the network.

A Single Airport Extreme can’t cover the entire SOHO environment, though it is meant for small offices and a small home. Luckily, Apple has made it possible to extend the single AirPort Extreme docked wireless network using one or more AirPort Express WAP’s.

Airport Express supports 802.11n Wi-Fi standard with frequency support up to 5 GHz. In 2.5 GHz band, you will get the better range at a slower incoming speed whereas, in 5 GHz networks, you will get the improved throughput with a shorter range of operation. You can select any based on your location and place. If you want to surf the browser when away from WAP, then you can use 2.5 GHz technology that is faster than the normal internet speed. If you want to send large files, images or cloud data, then you need to use ‘n’ type network transfer.

You can connect Express to the network via Ethernet cable. The AirPort Express has Ethernet port as well as WAN port for connecting the devices in both ways. If you want to use Bridge mode with Airport utility, then you can use LAN port and another device will act as a switch.

You can also connect the power adapter to the AirPort extreme to connect it to the AirPort Express provided the network switch must be connected to the Apple TV, security system or other peripheral devices.

Apart from the above-mentioned trick, you can also connect the Airport Extreme to the AirPort Express wirelessly. For this, you must place the AirPort Express nearer to the Extreme or within its range. With the use of Apple Utility, you can configure the AirPort extreme with the AirPort express and enhance the signal strength. Power on the AirPort Express, then open AirPort Utility. Click on ‘Other Wi-Fi devices button. Search for ‘AirPort Express’ and follow the on-screen instructions to set up under default configurations. You can now move the Airport Express to the desired location within SOHO space.

We have gone through different methods for connecting AirPort Express to the existing Apple router. Some observers believe that it is best to re-create the network with the same wireless network and with the same security type. This fits best if you have too many guests at home. If you are using Mac, then it must be remembered that it doesn’t connect automatically to the WPA powered network device if you are continuously moving from one place to another in house. For this reason, there is a need to create a sub-network with a different name so that it can clearly indicate the location and let you know when you are stationary. So, you can easily connect to the nearby network without changing or using the network analyzer to confirm the signal strength.

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