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How To Enhance The Speed Of Network Without Changing The Airport Extreme Base Station?

Apple Airport Extreme Base stations are always best in providing the good speed and range of the network. What sometimes upset is re-configuring the router back to the Mac.

If you are using a base station that is a few years old, then you may notice a performance gap and you will feel as if you need a new router. If you replace it with a new one, then it will cost approximately $199 or you can switch to a third party router. It depends on your choice whether you want to shift to a third-party router or spend some dollar on new range extender.

Another option available for you is to leave the current base station as it is and add a Wi-Fi router to the network. With this, you can benefit ‘Bac to Mac’ and ability to use AirPort Utility. This will save your few bucks. Providing Airport Extreme BS in one location and new router at other will provide the better signal strength.

Some Tricks

This tricks will help in letting you know which networks chores and which is responsible for creating conflict with each other. If you connect both the devices like a router, then it may create some network problems. So, in order to use Back to Mac and AirPort utility, you must route the traffic from Base station to the network and turn off the function from the wireless device.


Placement of the router plays an important role. If you have placed a router near electronic gadgets and connected it through a wireless interface, then you may notice a problem with the signal. If you have connected the AirPort Extreme Setup to the cable modem, then this will not affect the signal. You can even place VoIP box near to the modem.

What location is not good for providing enough signal strength is; if you are placing a router away from other networking devices. If you have more than one router and you want to place it on the first floor, then you can connect both the routers to the network. There is no need to replace AirPort Extreme. You can put the device anywhere inside the house provided you must connect the router with the Ethernet.


After successfully placing the router at a location, you need to configure it with proper settings. Start with AirPort Extreme base station.

Connect your computer to the Airport Extreme via Ethernet. Don’t forget to turn off the Wi-Fi system. Open ‘AirPort Utility’ and go to ‘Base station’. Click ‘Edit’. Go to ‘Wireless Tab’ and check the Pop-up tab given next to Network mode. Turn it off. Click on ‘Update’ button.

The only thing to do here is ‘Turn off Wi-Fi radio. No need to do any changes. Your AirPort Extreme will run as it is as it runs before. All the devices that are connected to the Ethernet will start work with the devices.

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