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How to enhance the usage of Apple AirPort Extreme?

This post will include all the possible things that you can get from Apple Airport Extreme. This easy to handle wireless device helps you to connect internet with mobile devices and computers. Exactly like other Apple products, you will be able to enjoy the capacity and capability of the product. As mentioned, there are many ways from which you can get the best out of this product, so let’s have a look at those. Keep reading!

Ways to get the best out Apple Airport Extreme:

As already mentioned, this is an excellent device that provides a lot of benefits. Hence, you can enjoy it to the fullest with the help of the following ways. Continue reading to find out!

•    You can connect a USB Printer

You don’t have to purchase a USB printer for all the computers at home. One of the reasons why you shouldn’t buy a printer is because it will be a waste as you wouldn’t be using it anymore. The more you keep it unused, the more the ink gets wasted. Luckily, the Airport Extreme includes a USB 2.0 port capable. Hence, it is possible to attach a hard drive or printer to any computers at home.

If you want to go wireless, you have to plug the USB cable printer into the port. The USB port will be behind the AirPort device once you connect one end to the device, you have to join the other end to the printer. You must make sure to install printer driver software to every computer that you want to use. Follow the steps:

Visit System Preferences > and then, Print & Fax and insert the newly-wireless device to your printer. Click the ‘+’ symbol and click the printer from the Add Printer list.

The printer will recognize the Bonjour device. Select from list, let Mac OS X utilize the printer settings, and then, click Add.

Now, you’d have access to the wireless printer.

•    Excellent network storage 

The USB 2.0 hard drive is compatible with the USB port of your Airport Extreme that is attached. How will you insert both devices into one? It is pretty straightforward; you can use a multi-port hub. To add Airport’s USB port, you must use a four-port hub. With that, you can expand the horizon with hard drives and printers. The best thing about this is, even the unpowered hubs work fine with the AirPort. The unpowered hubs will get power from USB port.

AirDisk means AirPort-attached hard drive, and it makes your access to any of the computers.  Follow the following steps to activate it:

Launch the Applications > click Utilities > click AirPort Utility, and select AirPort and press Manual Setup. And click Disks from the top of the window, and select the File Sharing tab.

Check the “Enable file sharing” to find the AirPort storage and to make it visible to the computers.

And find options to protect your disk with a strong password, if needed. In the end, make sure to click update the changes that you made.

Once done, insert the hard drive into a USB port, click open the Finder window and check for your AirPort in the Shared section at left.

Press on it, insert your password (if needed), and the AirDisk will be visible on the computer along with a blue drive icon. And it can be accessed from other computers on the network.

These are not the only ways to get the best out of the Apple Airport extreme Setup; there is more. You must not limit your search to one blog rather keep searching until you collect all the information required. And make sure to become well-versed.

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