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How to enhance your Wi-Fi coverage with an additional AirPort Base Station?

If you’re experiencing spotty Wi-Fi coverage in certain parts of your office or home, then you can easily extend your present Wi-Fi network with the help of an additional AirPort Base Station. The fact is that Wi-Fi has streamlined the connection of multiple devices to a great extent, as compared to the wired connected access. Now, all of our devices can always stay connected but inferior Wi-Fi coverage in office or home is a big problem. The good news is that a number of technologies have appeared for extending the Wi-Fi coverage making use of the same Network Name as well as Password. Albeit, you will have multiple hardware Access Points, your devices would “see” only one physical network. Moreover, Apple’s AirPort Base Station has made the extension of your network coverage very smooth in times of using two or more Base Stations. Ensure you have set up your primary network properly and In case you haven’t performed it already, you need to do that.

Where should you place your AirPort Base Stations?

Obviously, you want to have the best coverage of your office or home and want to avoid anything that could result in interference to the respective Wi-Fi radio signals. Within a perfect world, you’d have the line of sight access between your devices and Base Stations. All of your devices would make a connection to Wi-Fi as well as the Base Stations. Albeit it rarely occurs, some tips are given below on where you should place the respective Reset AirPort Extreme Base Stations.

In case CAT 5 cabling has been installed all around your office or home, you need to connect the Base Stations to one another through an Ethernet cable. It’s helpful for you in isolating your Wi-Fi problems to generate between the respective devices as well as the Base Stations- not between the particular Base Stations themselves.

It is very important to have a minimum number of floors and walls between the respective devices and the respective Base Stations whatever possible. Hence, if you are an owner of a three-storey home, obviously you don’t want to have both of the Base Stations within the basement- but possibly one Base Station in the Basement and one Base Station on the top floor for spreading out coverage.

If there are many doors or walls in your office or home, you’d get better connectivity by making use of the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi radio in the respective AirPort Extreme Setup Base Station. Remember, 5GHz radios are more simply get blocked by such obstructions but are less susceptible to interference from that of other Wi-Fi routers.

Arrange as many AirPort Base Station devices as required for appropriate coverage of your home.

How to Extend the Wi-Fi Network?

After the respective AirPort Base Station has been set up with a Wi-Fi network, it’s now possible to extend the particular network with the help of a second AirPort Base Station. Let’s check how it can be done from Mac OS.

First, you have to plug in your new Airport Base Station.

Next, start the respective AirPort Utility on your Mac.

Now, it’s time to click “Other Wi-Fi Devices.”

In this step, you need to click “Other Options” when AirPort Utility has completed acquiring information regarding your network.

Next, you have to go with the option “Add to an existing network.”

It’s time for connecting to your Wi-Fi network name and for which you need to select from the drop-down list.

Now, you need to type in your favorite Base Station Name as well as click “Next.”

Next, you have to click “Done” once the setup process has been completed.

The brilliantly-designed Apple AirPort Setup Extreme device is featured with six internal antennae that can provide dual-band wireless networks on a simultaneous basis with the support for each and every wireless band. A restricted collection of connectors is present at the rear part albeit a three gigabit Ethernet LAN ports, a single USB 2.0 port, and one Ethernet port targeted for a WAN connection are present. The particular router is designed with simplicity of setup in mind, either through an iPhone or iPad or a Mac.


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