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How To Factory Reset An AirPort Extreme?

AirPort Extreme is a reliable networking device, which is used by millions of Americans. The thing with routing devices is that they continue to work in a decent way for years, but one small issue can change the whole scenario.

Any change in the settings or connections of the router can shut down the entire system, and there is no surety as to whether the system will work efficiently again or not.

If you are using AirPort Extreme, which as of late is not working normally, then there must be something wrong with the device, which you might not be aware of. If you have tried to restore the functionality of the product, but failed, then you have now got no other option, but to reset the device.

Bring the settings of the AirPort Extreme to factory defaults. If you know how to reset your AirPort Extreme router, then that’s great, you can straightaway get on with the process.

In case, you have no idea as to how to reset the device, then you can get all the information down below.

  1. Start with unplugging the power cable, which is given at the back of AirPort Extreme. After that, you need to locate the reset button, which is present right next to the power port.
  2. To press the reset button, you need to insert a pin, paperclip, and pen into the reset button because it is not like the normal buttons that you press.
  3. Keeping the reset button pressed with a pointed device, you will have to connect the power plug into the power port again, which is given on the back of the Apple AirPort Extreme. However, make sure that you don’t remove the pointed device such as pin, paperclip end or pen from the reset button or else the process will not complete in the desired way.
  4. Keep the reset button pressed until you see a light flashing in the front of the AirPort Extreme rapidly. The LED light will be of amber color.
  5. Now, you need to wait for a minute or so because that is how much AirPort Extreme will take to restart.
  6. You are now all set to launch AirPort Utility in order to reconfigure the AirPort Extreme.

If you know the process of configuring AirPort Extreme via AirPort Utility, then just go ahead with the process already. However, if you don’t, then I would suggest that you should take help of experts who know it.

Moreover, if the problem that made you reset the router has again shown up, then that means, the reset process has not been carried out successfully or there is some other problem surfacing your AirPort Extreme. You will have to get in touch with Apple Airport Extreme Setup support facility to get the best solution to the issue.

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