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How To Fix AirPort Extreme Base Station Getting Unreachable Via AirPort Utility?

The problem of AirPort Extreme Base Station not being able to reach via AirPort Utility is not common, but it surely can occur in any system, and when it does, it leads to all sorts of problems.

The green LED is turned on the base station and the printer to which it was connected to is also fine. To reconfirm the problem, you can restart the base station, doing which, the green LED light also lights up again as if nothing is wrong. As the base station was restarted, the printer didn’t show up on the network.

Users opened AirPort Utility to see as to what was up, and they found a yellow yield sign on the top of the base station, which signifies as to something is wrong with the system. Upon clicking that AirPort Utility, an error message appears on the screen, i.e., ‘Device Not Found’.

The presence of green light was creating more confusion because green light means the base station was routing both Ethernet and Wi-Fi and the laptop was also connected to it.

The problem didn’t solve by power cycling the device, so you can try to soft reset the device followed by a factory reset. Doing a soft reset would clear any transient problem with a running base station. Whereas a factory reset is going to wipe everything, which shouldn’t be a problem if you are using the default settings.

The factory reset is going to put the base station back in business for 20-30 minutes. During this time, you will see the printer icon appearing on the screen and printer is working as well. However, after 30 minutes, the same error, i.e., ‘Device Not Found’ appeared again.

To fix the problem, you can try to factory reset the device; remove the Apple ID along with the base station, which is going to make the printer work. However, you will not be able to get the remote access to the attached drives and Time Capsule volumes along with remote configuration.

It is quite surprising to see that the networking part works independently of other subsystems.

Replace the base station under a Mac or Apple TV AppleCare warranty

Apple Base Stations are included in AppleCare extended warranties bought for Apple TVs and MACs even when you haven’t bought the Base Station at the same time. This is something that not many people are aware of, but it is available, so you must make use of it. If you have bought Base Station two years before the date of buying a Mac, even then, the Base Station is covered under AppleCare Warranty.

You can also get in touch with Setup AirPort Extreme Base Station help and support facility to resolve the problem in the most suitable manner.

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