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How to Set Up Your AirPort Extreme Device?

How can you Setup AirPort Extreme Base Station?

You need to implement the following steps to set up your AirPort Extreme Base Station:

First, you need to unbox your AirPort Extreme device and then plug that in. Since there is no ON/OFF switch, it would turn on while you plug it in.

In case you want to make a connection of the AirPort Extreme device to the Internet, you can purchase a Cat5 ethernet cable and make use of it for connecting the AirPort Extreme device to your cable modem or DSL. Now, you have to plug in the cable to the Internet WAN port (with a little O symbol above it) of your AirPort Extreme device.

In the case of Mac, the respective AirPort Utility application would automatically appear when the AirPort Extreme has been detected. But if the AirPort Utility application doesn’t appear, you need to open it manually. Just locate it in Applications → Utilities.

In case your AirPort Express device firmware needs the update, you have to click on “Update Firmware.” Now, you have to wait for the download as well as install. Next, the AirPort Utility window would appear when the update is installed. Now, tap on “Continue” and a window would appear.

Now, you need to enter a name for your AirPort Extreme device in the field called “AirPort Extreme Name.” It is a name for the device that would help you in differentiating this particular AirPort device from other AirPort Base Station devices on your network, in case you have any.

Now, it’s time to enter a password for your AirPort Extreme device within the “AirPort Extreme Password” and “Verify Password” fields. You’d have to enter this particular password in order to change the settings on your AirPort Extreme device.

A point to remember is that optionally you can make use of the Password Assistant for generating a strong password for the AirPort Express device. Now, you need to click on the key button for generating the password.

The Optional Step

You can select the option that states to remember this password in your keychain checkbox in order to save the password for your AirPort Extreme device within the encrypted Keychain Access database.

You can also select the option that states to make use of a different password to secure disks and then enter a different password in case you plan to connect a USB hard drive to the respective AirPort Extreme device. It enables other users on a particular network for accessing the hard drive without getting access to the particular AirPort Extreme settings.

Now, coming back to the main steps, you need to click on “Continue.” And then a window would appear. Next, you have to choose the option that states that you want to create a new wireless network. Next, click on “Continue” and a window would appear.

Next, you have to enter a name for the respective wireless network in the field “Wireless Network Name.” It’s the name that people would see when they search for your wireless network. In order to secure the wireless network with a password so that users need to authenticate before getting connected to your network for accessing the Internet, you need to select “WPA2 Personal” and then enter a password in the fields of “Wireless Password” and “Verify Password.”

Another optional step: For leaving the wireless network open so that any user can get connected to your network and can access the Internet without any need of a password, you have to select “No security.” It’s not recommended for home networks. Now, click on “Continue.” A window will appear.

The AirPort Utility would automatically detect whether or not your AirPort Extreme device should be connected in the bridge mode or should share an IP address using NAT and DHCP. Now, click “Continue” and then “Continue” and “Update.” And every time the window would appear. And then click on “Continue” and wait for the AirPort Extreme device to restart. Click “Quit.” Now, the AirPort Extreme wireless network is available.

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