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How to Setup the Apple Airport Extreme 802.11n?

The brilliantly-designed AirPort Extreme device had been a residential and an incredible gateway product from Apple Inc. It is an amalgamation of the functions and functionalities of a router, wireless access point, network switch, NAS, and various other functions, and one of the AirPort products from Apple. And at that time, the respective gateway segment of this line-up was called the AirPort Extreme Base Station. This incredible device has been compatible with most of the Macs, manufactured in the last couple of years. And if you have already purchased the Apple Airport Extreme 802.11n device and now looking for its setup procedure, then follow the post below.

AirPort Extreme is a brilliantly-designed device that is featured with five ports in total that has made it easy to make a connection to a server, Macs and also to other computers, a printer, and/or external hard drive. With the one wide-area network (WAN) port, you can easily make a connection to a DSL (digital subscriber line) or cable modem or an existing WAN network (via your school or business, probably). Owing to the three Ethernet local-area network (LAN) ports, you can easily make a connection to any Ethernet device. For instance, you may hardwire the respective Mac computer to the AirPort Extreme device for making it faster or making it more secure or due to its non-compatibility with Wi-Fi. It is also possible to make a connection to an Ethernet-capable printer, Ethernet-capable scanner, or a LAN router via this particular port.

Via the help of the single USB 2.0 port, you can easily make a connection to a USB scanner or printer, USB network hub, or an external hard drive. You might know that the speed and range of any type of wireless network have been influenced by all types of factors, such as interference from other devices, metal, and concrete walls. However, under the ideal conditions, the AirPort Extreme device provides the users with a maximum of 50 feet of range at the speed of around 54 Mbps of data transfer. At the 150 feet away of distance, the AirPort Extreme device offers a data transfer speed of around 11 Mbps. An amalgamation of up to 50 Windows PCs or Macs can share a single AirPort Extreme base station on a simultaneous basis.

How can you set up the Apple Airport Extreme 802.11n?

The setting up process of the Apple Airport Extreme 802.11n device is simple and straightforward and you have to just implement the following steps:

After unpacking the brilliantly-designed Airport Extreme device, you have to make a connection of the Ethernet cable from the respective your jack to the leftmost Ethernet port on the backside of the respective Airport device. And it is the WAN port that has been marked with a small circular image. As a next step, you have to plug the respective AC adapter into the power port on the particular Airport device and then you need to plug it into the wall. After plugging the respective Airport Extreme device into the network and then powered it on, the status light on the front part would go through a collection of colored flashes. And whenever the status light will start glowing solid green, the incredibly-designed Airport device has been started and has been connected to the network. It might take up a couple of minutes. And in case your status light is not able to glow solid green, you need to contact the respective manual for the explanations of the status light.

You have to ensure that the particular wireless card on your computer device has been enabled and also turned on. Then, it’s time to make a connection to the respective Airport Extreme device that would most likely be appeared as Apple Network and it’s followed by some letters.

In the next step, you need to install the respective Airport software from the attached CD. After the completion of the installation process, it’s time for launching the Airport Utility application. It is present in the Utilities folder in the respective Applications folder on a computer device by making use of the Mac OS X and in “Start” and then “All Programs” and then “AirPort” on a computer device by utilizing Windows. You have to remember that the particular Airport Utility has been released with a new version in every few months and that’s why the screenshots that you see might not look accurately like whatever you see on your computer device. In this step, you have to choose your base station and next, it’s time to click “Continue.” In this step, you have to enter a Wireless Network Name as well as a Base Station Name. Next, you have to click “Continue”. Don’t forget to note down these names for the future references. In this step, you have to enter your Country as well as Radio Mode on the upcoming screen. And making use of the 802.11n (802.11b/g compatible) is the appropriate choice in most of the scenarios. Now, you have to click “Continue.”

It’s time for selecting the WPA2 Personal security on the upcoming screen and then you have to enter a Wireless Network Password and then have to “Verify” it. And do remember, the password needs to be between 8 and 63 characters. And you ought to note down this password credential and place it in a nearby location of your Airport Extreme device if you unable to recall it in future. Now, it’s time to click “Continue.” Then, select the option that states, you connect to your local area network (LAN) that will be present on the next screen and now click on “Continue.” Leave the default settings (by utilizing DHCP) on the next screen and click on “Continue.”

And in case you’re interested in making a connection of the USB peripherals to the respective Airport device, you should go through the respective manual for additional information. Or, you can leave the default settings and then click on “Continue.” Now, you have to enter the password of a Base Station and have to “Verify” it. Don’t forget to write down this password and place it in a place near to the Airport Extreme device. And you would require this credential if you want to modify any of the settings for your base station in the future. Now, click on “Continue.” It’s time to click “Update” and congratulations! Your Airport Extreme base station has been successfully configured and would now restart. In this step, you need to quit the Airport Utility and make a connection to the new wireless network. If you experience any difficulty in executing any of the above steps, then you can contact the How To Reset AirPort Extreme team.

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