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How To Setup Your Airport Extreme Router?

The AirPort Extreme is a brilliantly-designed residential gateway product from Apple Inc. It has amalgamated the functionalities of a router, wireless access point, network switch, and also NAS along with different other functions and one of the AirPort products of Apple. If you have already purchased an Apple Airport Extreme and now want to configure this particular router, then follow the post below.

Your DSL or internet provider might provide you with a Gateway (modem or router combination) that supports only 2.4 GHz. You would probably find that the router in the respective Gateway has been set to utilize an Automatic channel (1-11) in the range of 2.4 GHz. Most of the 2.4 GHz routers have come from the respective manufacturer with the Auto channel set and you can also adjust the particular settings and select from channel 1, 6 or 11 to find out the cleanest and the most stable channel for the respective situation. If you want to know more about the AirPort Extreme Setup, then you can contact the respective customer care team.

An incredibly-designed Airport Extreme has introduced a second wireless radio that operates on 5 GHz, and this particular frequency is out of the range of most of the household devices, sharing the 2.4 GHz range, including baby monitors, cordless phones etc. Moreover, Newer Mac Book, iPhone, iPad, iMac along with the newer Windows as well as Android devices provide support to the connection, accompanied by the 5 GHz radio.

You would discover that the respective iMac that has been connected in the in the home office doesn’t drop its connection whenever a family member is preparing foods in the kitchen until it has a connection to the respective Airport Extreme or any dual-banded router by making use of the 5 GHz radio. It is the best way to check the particular technical specifications on the respective iDevice or Windows or Android device prior to making an investment in purchasing a dual-banded router for confirming the new router, as it would benefit you. You have to find out the term ‘Dual-band’ or 5 GHz.

How can you configure an Airport Extreme Router?

In case you want to set up a Wi-Fi network for the respective TouchBistro Pro (that means the multi iPad version) that doesn’t connect to the Internet, you have to follow the below steps:

As a first step, you have to power on the respective AirPort Extreme Base Station by plugging it in the wall. Next, you need to open the “Airport Utility” application.

Now, in the top left side of the dialog, named “AirPort Utility”, you have to click “Other AirPort Base Stations” or “Other Wi-Fi Devices.”

Next, under “Network Name” and “Base Station Name, you have to enter the respective venue name and then TB (for instance MyVenueNameTB).

It’s time to enter a password that is both easy-to-remember and secure. After that, you have to type it again in the “Verify” section. Don’t forget to make a paper record of this respective password because TouchBistro can’t recover it for you.

In this step, you have to click “Next.” And in case the respective AirPort Extreme Router has not been connected to a modem, you need to click “Next.” Now, you have to select “Don’t Send” and then click “Next.” Now, the setup process will be continued and you have to wait. Next, a notification would pop up once it gets completed.

In this step, you have to click “Done” once the notification gas appeared in the bottom right-hand corner. Next, you need to click on the picture of the respective AirPort Extreme Base Station in the AirPort Utility.

Next, Airport Utility will report three errors:

You just have to click on each of the errors and start ignoring them.

After ignoring the error, you would come across a green light. Now, you have to repeat the “Ignore” selection for the remaining errors. After getting three green lights, you need to click “Edit.”

Now, you have to click “Wireless” at the top side and also click “Wireless Options” at the bottom part. In this step, you have to click on the box at the top side in order to allow a 5Ghz Frequency band and 5Ghz is preferable because it provides the facility of faster Wi-Fi although at a bit of shorter range. Larger venues ought to link Airport routers for the purpose of increased range.

In this step, you have to click “Save” and then click “Update.” Once a solid green light would appear on the AirPort Extreme Router, it’s ready to run.

A worth noting point is that the USB port on the Airport has not been used by TouchBistro. It is desired to offer connectivity to peripherals, such as external hard drives that have come with their own source of power. It doesn’t supply sufficient power for charging an iPad.

If you experience any difficulty in executing any of the steps above, then you can ask the respective customer care team.

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