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How To Troubleshoot Airport Extreme A1521?


We will discuss troubleshooting steps for different problems which are quite prevalent on the Airport Extreme Setup A1521 model. If you own this model and facing any of the below-mentioned problems, then follow the troubleshooting tips given along.

  1. Router not turning on

If the router doesn’t turn on, clean the fan and check if it is overheated. Wait for some time and try turning it on again. If the problem still exists, then replace the fan

  • Check power supply: Sometimes a problem with the power supply doesn’t allow the router to turn on. You must ensure that the power cords are connected properly to the router and to the power socket. If this doesn’t solve the problem, replace the power supply.
  1. Wireless not connecting

While attempting to connect the Apple AirPort Extreme Setup to the network, if you find any error message on the screen, follow the steps mentioned here as under:

  • Check LED lights: If you are not able to connect to the Wi-Fi, make sure the LED lights are blinking green. Check the WAN port available next to the power cord and if the light is orange, you need to check the modem.
  • Inspect wireless settings of the device: Check the wireless connection is on and whether the password entered is correct or not.
  • Perform power cycle: Turn off all the devices which include modem, Setup Airport Extreme base station and computer and wait for 5 minutes. Turn on the modem now and wait for another few minutes till it gets booted. Power on your computer and check if internet access is available or not.
  • Hard reset: Unplug the router and press the reset button using the paperclip or similar object which is sharp from the front. Turn on the extreme router and keep the button pressed until you find orange light flashing on the panel.
  • Check access charter: If you have enabled encryption on the network, then verify the password from the guided manual and enter it carefully. If you are using an access control through a network, then the Mac must be registered on network admin.
  • Check whether ISP is working: If there is some network problem with the ISP, you won’t be able to use the internet on any device. To cross-check the problem with ISP, use the browser on a different computer and if the same problem persists, then there is certainly some problem with the ISP. It is recommended to consult ISP or wait for a few hours in such circumstances.
  • Update software and firmware: For airport extreme Wi-Fi system, you can check the latest software versions or updates from the link given on the page. Follow on-screen instructions to update the firmware.
  • Check network card: After applying the above-mentioned steps, if you are still getting the same problem with the Airport extreme, then check the network card. It might be broken. You can replace it from the logic board under the assistance of experts.

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