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Is It Possible For Apple AirPort Extreme Users To Replace The Fan Of AirPort Extreme?

Apple Setup Airport Extreme is among the models that were discontinued by Apple last year. With that, Apple has drawn curtains on its routing devices or you can say taking a hiatus from manufacturing routing and networking devices.

Despite being a discontinued model, Apple AirPort devices are still used by customers all over the world and they will continue to use it until they find any issue with these devices, which apparently some users did.

However, the issue experienced by some users was not that severe and could have been resolved easily had they followed the right series of steps provided on reliable sources.

Let’s discuss as to what the issue is and how to fix it in the section below.

Some users who were using AirPort Extreme Base Station heard whirring and grinding noise, which they have no idea why. Some users were turning on their AirPort Extreme Base Stations after a long time, which is what they thought could have been the reason behind that whirring and grinding noise.

The problem with AirPort Extreme is related to the fan because there isn’t any in AirPort Express and Time Capsule has a hard drive.

AirPort Time Capsule drives can certainly fail just like any spinning storage media, but the grinding sound coming from the device would surely have meant that the drive was on its course of being destroyed.

However, what about the AirPort Extreme? It doesn’t have a hard drive and it never made a peep, so it would have surprised users when they heard whirring and grinding sound.

Some users have even sent the sounds produced by AirPort Extreme to help centers in order to find out as to why it is coming from the device. But, they were not able to find out any reason. This fan problem has never occurred, which is why nobody realized if the fan can malfunction as well, but it did apparently.

How to fix the problem?

Well, you can fix the problem by replacing the fan on AirPort Extreme, but then, you will have to find a branded fan from Apple, which may or may not be available at Apple, as the company has discontinued the model. The only places you could find the fan is on eBay and Amazon.

If you have purchased AirPort Extreme in the last two years, then you will surely get AppleCare extended warranty from Apple. The company offers up to 5 years of warranty coverage for Wi-Fi base station. You should check if the purchase dates in order to check if you qualify for a free replacement of the fan or not. Once you replace the current broken fan with a new one, you will be able to fix the problem. If the problem persists, then you should take help of Apple AirPort Extreme help and support facility.

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