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Is it possible to replace a fan in Apple’s AirPort Extreme?

A strange grinding and whirring noise from one user’s late-model AirPort Extreme Base Station started causing him disturbance and he wondered why it had generated such a sound? He hadn’t turned on that device for a year; however, he was about to reactivate it using a new broadband connection. A straightforward answer is no fan is there in an AirPort Express device- just a Time Capsule features a hard drive. Certainly, Time Capsule drives fail such as any spinning storage media. Nonetheless, the grinding described will definitely signify that the drive was on the way to failure (if it’s not destroyed already). A newer Setup AirPort Extreme device is among the “crackerbox” models and its appearance is like a gleaming white micro-tower. Moreover, it never produced a peep.

What is the Solution?

Actually, replacing the fan is something elaborate; moreover, an Apple-branded or -certified fan replacement part is not directly available from suppliers. But, it could be performed. You can start searching the compatible fans on Amazon as well as eBay. One chance is there for people, who had purchased an AirPort Extreme device at just the correct moment. In case you purchased an AirPort Extreme device and in two years, purchased a Mac of any model and then purchased the AppleCare extended warranty from Apple, you receive the warranty coverage of up to five years for the respective Wi-Fi base station (two years and then a Mac purchase and then three years). It’s very important to check your purchase dates to confirm whether you qualify or not.

The new sixth-generation AirPort Extreme Base Station from Apple is actually the new AirPort Time Capsule but without the internal storage. In fact the absence of storage, the two brilliant devices – for the first time since the starting journey of Apple’s AirPort base stations – are similar. The new brilliantly-designed true dual-band Wi-Fi router has become more compact and prettier, as compared to the last generation. It also provides support to the much faster and much anticipated 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard. Nonetheless, the features, functions, and port offerings of the device remain the same just like its predecessor. On one hand, the new AirPort Extreme device is among the more reliable and fastest Wi-Fi routers till this date. On the other hand, it should have more features to offer like common networking customizations and when amalgamated with an external hard drive, support for the media streaming and the Time Machine backup. Just like the new Time Capsule, the incredibly new AirPort Extreme device is featured with an entirely a new design. Rather than the conventional squarish tile shape that has been used for multiple years, now, it appears as a rectangular tube along with 3.85 inches wide as well as 6.6 inches tall. On the front side, a small-scale status light that glows green whenever all is performing well and either changes or flashes to amber for indicating that the respective device requires attention.

Apple products have become popular for their simple, clean, and ease-of-use designs. The incredibly-designed Apple AirPort Extreme is not an exception at all. Its appearance is unique and impressive. The wireless routers are featured with tall plus a small footprint and don’t have any legs, antennas or anything else that is protruding from the glossy white chassis. All of the ports are hidden away in the rear part of the particular device and it holds only one small indicator light on its front part. As per Apple, the incredibly-designed AirPort Extreme is able to handle up to 50 simultaneous connections. The number of devices in contemporary homes grows on a continuous basis, this capability could prove extremely useful for you.

Mac, iPad, and iPhone users are possible to get the most out of buying this particular Apple router. Even though this particular wireless router is supported with any Wi-Fi enabled device, it’s easiest to operate from within the incredible Apple ecosystem. It’s because the needed set-up application, the AirPort utility is constructed into all Macs and it is available from the App Store for iDevices. It enables you to get complete control over the respective network at any time from any device.

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