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Is Your Airport Extreme Base Station Remains Unreachable Via Airport Utility? Here are Some Tricks And Tips.

One day, I got a message on my phone from my wife in which she has said that the printer at home is not working. For your information, I want to tell you that I have connected my printer to AirPort Extreme base station wirelessly. The Base station at my home works in a bridging mode.

Since there was green light glowing on the base station, so I first diagnose the printer which was fine. I then restarted the base station and tried to connect the printer to it. Unluckily, I couldn’t do so. I then tried to open ‘Airport Utility’, in which it has been found out that there is a problem with the base station and it is displaying ‘Device not found’ message on the screen.

I then tried to connect my local devices and laptop to the AirPort Extreme base station and it provided a unique adapter ID called BSSIDs with the respective base station. After so many workarounds, I made up my mind to share the problem on social networking site like Twitter.

After reading comments on my post, I have tried to solve the problem by restarting and factory resetting the device. The factory reset deleted all the files from the device. The base station then took 20 minutes to come to its previous stage. After this, I was able to print the documents through the printer.

After some time, I again started getting the same message on screen ‘Device not found’. I again shared my problem over twitter and one of my colleagues who was also facing the same problem said, resetting the device will solve the problem which I had already tried.

After this, I have come to know about another fix i: e, removing all the Apple ID’s from the Mac configuration sections. The process to start removing the ID’s is:

  1. Go to ‘Apple Airport Utility’ from mac and click on ‘Edit’.
  2. Make changes according to preference in ‘Base station tab’.
  3. Click update to apply changes.
  4. Factory reset your device to remove all the Apple ID and Base station along with the printer.

After performing all these steps, it has come to fore that the problem was not with the networking but it was with the hardware. This was acknowledged by the Apple support team when I contacted them.

So, I have replaced my base station under Apple care warranty. My sincere tip for you if you are coming across such a problem is to check the device warranty and contact Apple Care. They will replace your device free of cost and you don’t need to buy a new base station until or unless your device is out of warranty.

Before proceeding with this procedure, don’t forget to try reset function on your Base station. It can sometimes solve the problem. If you have purchased your Apple Airport Extreme two years back, then your device is covered under Apple care warranty. For more information, you can contact the warranty team setup airport extreme members.

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