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Setup Timed Access Control On Apple Airport Extreme Router To Limit Internet Access For Children.

Are your children playing the game at 3 a.m. in the morning or getting messages from the friends at late night? If you are frustrated with this problem and want to turn off the internet at night, then Timed Access control in Airport Extreme router is here to help.

If you are concerned about your child and want to control or limit the internet access for him/her, then simply use Timed Access control feature available in Apple Airport Extreme setup router.

Find the Mac Addresses for the devices you want to limit

To start with the process, you need to first find the Mac address of the device you want to control. This address is unique for every device.

How to find Mac Address of MacBook?

To open the Mac address settings on your MacBook, you have to go through the following steps.

  • Open ‘System Preferences’.
  • Click on ‘Network’.
  • Go to ‘Advanced’ button from bottom right.
  • Go to the hardware tab and check the ‘Mac’ address. You will find it in the form of or can be a mixture of numbers and letters.
  • Copy the Mac address after highlighting it.

Paste the Mac address in your Mac Notepad or at somewhere in the folder. You can even send it on your Mail from different Apple ID. Don’t forget to mention the device along with the Mac address, if there are more than one devices of the same brand.

How to find Mac Address on iPad, iPhone?

You will find the address under ‘Settings’.

  • Open ‘Settings’ from the home menu.
  • Go to ‘General’.
  • Click on ‘About’.
  • Touch and long press on ‘Wi-Fi’ address option.
  • Tap to copy.

As told earlier for Mac, paste the address in your phone notes or mail it directly from the device on your Apple mail. You can retrieve it easily from there. Also, mention the device name and the address that belongs to it.

How to Setup Timed Access control on Mac?

  • Open ‘Airport utility’ app from Mac.
  • Go to ‘Airport’. Select ‘Airport Extreme’.
  • Click to ‘Edit’.
  • Enter a password if you are indicated for the same.
  • Click on ‘Network’ tab from the top of the screen.
  • Click to enable access control box.
  • Go to ‘Timed access control’ option.
  • Click on ‘+’ button to add the device under Wireless clients.
  • Add a description of your choice. It should be short.
  • Paste the address corresponding to your machine.
  • Select the Time Access you want for that device. You can select days, weekdays, weekends or even hours.
  • Tap to Save and keep on clicking the ‘Next’ button until you exit to the home screen. You need to restart the Airport base station now.
  • Click ‘Restart’. The process for enabling timed Access control is almost the same for Apple iPad and iPhone.

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