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What Are The Alternatives To AirPort Card?

Apple Computers launched its AirPort utility in 1999 to give its computer users access to high-speed wireless internet. Apple AirPort consists of a card and an antenna, on which the computer, together with the software (known as AirPort Utility) and a base station that connects to a broadband modem. For Apple users without an AirPort card, there are several alternative options.

AirPort Card 11g

Apple has come up with the designation 11b, which refers to its compliance with the 802.11b wireless protocol. However, the company has launched the AirPort Extreme Setup card with 802.11g compliance. With this card, AirPort speed has been increased from 11 Mbps to 54 Mbps for a faster Internet connection. The majority of Apple computers that accept an AirPort card will also accept the AirPort Extreme 11g card, which makes it a great candidate for replacing the AirPort Card.

AirPort Extreme

In case, you don’t want to access the internet wirelessly as a priority, Apple users can reach a network by making use AirPort Extreme base station hardware by hooking it up with an Ethernet cable. Reset AirPort Extreme will work as a wireless router for those who are using an AirPort or AirPort Extreme card (or AirPort internal functionality), but also incorporates an Ethernet output port for connecting to a computer.

AirPort Time Capsule

This is a small network server and backup hard drive, which has the ability to perform the tasks that AirPort Extreme performs. In fact, inside the case of Time Capsule, you will find a fully functional AirPort Extreme base station along with a large capacity hard drive. With these features, multiple users, which include those who don’t have an AirPort card can share files and take backups of their data to Time Capsule hard drive. The dual-band wireless connection is also capable of delivering high-speed internet access to all users on the network.

Third-Party Hardware

Barring Apple products, third party routers can perform the majority of the functions that are performed by Apple AirPort base stations. Users who are not using the AirPort card can easily install a third-party wireless card or plug to the modem or Ethernet router port out to connect directly to the Internet. Third-party hardware often comes with two sets of software for Mac and Windows computers. However, selecting a device that tends to supports Apple’s OS X operating system must deliver a stable and efficient Internet connection without the need for an AirPort card.

There are certain things that can only be done with the help of the AirPort card, but, if you are not able to find it, then, you can opt for one of the alternatives of AirPort Card.

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