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What are the Differences between AirPort Extreme, Express, and Time Capsule?

Apple offers a total three options for its brilliant Wi-Fi routers and each of them have come up with various features and functionalities and thus each of those devices has become useful in various ways. Which of the devices you should purchase? It will be an easy decision for you after checking out the differences between the three Apple AirPort devices. When you go through the features of these devices, you can easily find out each of the Apple Wi-Fi routers would be most suitable for you.

AirPort Extreme

AirPort Extreme Setup is an incredible sixth generation, high-speed modem router that features a powerful beaming signal array meant for transmitting 2.4 GHz as well as 5 GHz frequencies by making a connection to the users’ iPad, iPhone, or iPod devices. The new design of the AirPort Extreme device can adjust its capabilities with six antennas. And the result is an enhanced signal communication. The visible difference between AirPort Extreme and AirPort Express is in terms of size. The AirPort Extreme is much taller as compared to the AirPort Express. The reason behind the enhanced size is to house the latest 802.11ac antenna. Owing to this antenna, AirPort Extreme has become at most 3X faster in comparison with the Reset AirPort Extreme device. As a result, you can perform your online tasks faster. The respective antenna would also provide you with incredible reception in those segments, where AirPort Express can’t reach. The brilliantly-designed Extreme device features both dual-band antennas, meant for broadcasting 2.4GHz as well as 5GHz. Likewise, the AirPort Express device, the incredible AirPort Extreme device is equipped with a USB port on its backside for housing a printer. Another difference between these two devices is that the Extreme device is also capable of taking its users’ USB external hard drive and making it accessible on the respective network through the utilization of the USB port. Thus sharing as well as storing various files have become streamlined between more than one computer.

AirPort Express

The AirPort Express device is the most suitable router for a small room, apartment, or dorm room. It is able to broadcast the wireless signal from that of its dual-band 802.11n antenna at 2.4GHz as well as 5GHz frequencies at a simultaneous basis. This AirPort device can make any of the speakers to play music from other Apple Device (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac) you own via AirPlay. You need to just plug in a particular speaker by making use of an audio cable. As a result, you’d be capable of playing music right from your iOS devices or from that of your iTunes library on the respective computer. The AirPort Express device also features the USB port on its backside that enables its users to plug in a USB printer. Thus, users can print from any computer that has been connected to the respective AirPort’s network on a wireless basis. Moreover, the AirPort Express device can also be used for extending the existing wireless network through rebroadcasting the signal whatever it receives for improving the Wi-Fi connection in those areas of your home, where the signal mightn’t great.

AirPort Time Capsule

AirPort Time Capsule is of the same size as the Setup AirPort Extreme device. Moreover, it can perform all of the tasks that the AirPort Extreme can perform but the difference lies on the 2TB or 3TB built-in hard drive in AirPort Time Capsule. Owing to this internal hard drive, you can wirelessly backup particular devices and also use the hard drive for day-to-day networked storage. This particular AirPort device plus the Macintosh-only application (called Time Machine) can wirelessly back up users’ computer automatically and easily. It’s also equipped with the same 802.11ac antenna for the incredible 3X speed. Its USB port and dual-band antennas are meant for making a connection with a printer or an additional external hard drive. Moreover, the incredibly-designed AirPort Time Capsule has come up with two storage sizes i.e. 2TB as well as 3TB.

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