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What To Do If Your Range Extender Is Not Connecting To Apple Airport Extreme After Pressing WPS?

On your Apple Airport Extreme setup router, you will find ‘Add WPS printer’ option on the utility. This will pass the username to the Range Extender with a random password. Apple added this feature only to connect the printers but not the range extender setup using WPS button.

If you are trying to connect the Apple Airport Extreme router to the range extender and find no RE light on the display, then here are some suggestions that you can try on your own.

The steps will help you to set up the Range extender with the router manually.

1st step: The most effective manner of connecting the range extender to the Extreme router is the use of Ethernet cable provided in the packaging. Plug one end to the Mac and other to the Ethernet port of your Range Extender. Once the connection is established, disconnect all the wireless connections established on your computer with the other devices.

2nd step: If the Mac device doesn’t support Ethernet connection, then you are required to open the network list displayed on the screen. Within the list, you will find the name of your Range Extender. Click on the respective SSID. Click to connect to it. Enter password if prompted. The password is given on the back of a device. While performing this task, you won’t be able to access the internet from the computer but with the help of the web management page, you can connect the device directly to the range extender.

3rd step: Once the connection is hooked-up with the Range Extender, the open web browser on Mac and enter the following address at the top of the browser.

Note: If the login is unsuccessful, then clear the address and enter the following IP address: This is the default IP address of TP-link Range Extender. You will be directed to the login screen.

4th step: After successful login, the window will appear on the browser. The username and password by default are ‘Admin’.

5th step: After successful login, you will find a new window with the different fields being displayed on the screen.

  1. Click ‘Next’ within the middle of the screen from the ‘Web management page’.
  2. Select your current region.
  3. Select the wireless network.

Note: If the name of the wireless network of your main router is hidden, then you need to select the SSID or Mac manually.

  1. Enter the exact password of your network as set earlier.
  2. After this, the same window will be copied for the main router which causes the Range extender to broadcast the same network with the same SSID. If you select ‘Customize’ then you will be allowed to change the settings manually. Set the wireless name for the Range Extender.
  3. Click ‘Next’.
  4. Check and review your settings to confirm that the information entered by you is correct.
  5. Click to ‘Finish’.

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